Binance DEX

Fast and secure decentralized digital asset exchange

The new cryptocurrency trading standard is here.

Get started with Binance DEX

Get started with Binance DEX

Create a New Wallet
First step is to create a Binance Chain address.
Unlock a Wallet
Three ways to unlock your wallet:
  • Keystore File + Password
  • Mnemonic
  • Private Key
Transfer Assets
Transfer Assets
With a Binance Chain address, which can be generated with any wallet that supports Binance Chain, you can transfer BNB or other assets stored on that address.
Place Orders
Place Orders
Use the web wallet or API to send and cancel orders.

About Binance DEX

About Binance DEX

Binance Chain is a blockchain initially developed by Binance.

It's modern, safe and has near-instant transaction finality (it's fast).

Binance DEX is a decentralized order matching engine,
powered by the core Binance Chain technology.

Binance DEX is a modern and secure marketplace for issuing
and exchanging digital assets, and no-one other than you holds your keys. Trading your favorite assets has never been safer.

BNB, currently an Ethereum ERC20 token, will be migrated to
Binance Chain to become the native asset of the new blockchain.

Why Binance DEX

Why Binance DEX

Low Trading Fees

Trade with no withdrawal, deposit, or order placement fees — and BNB holders benefit even more.


Experience direct wallet to wallet trading without any third party or central authority.

Safe and Secure

Your funds are stored on a blockchain address with a private key that only you control.

User Friendly

Create a wallet, unlock your wallet, and you're ready to trade. No need to deposit or withdraw.

It's a Community Initiative

Binance DEX is powered by on-chain governance and open source software components.

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