bsc v1.0.7 is out and all validator nodes on bsc testnet have upgraded to this new version. If you are running a node on Binance Smart chain mainnet or testnet, it's recommended to upgrade to this version.

Release note

V1.0.7 is a maintenance release that focuses on the performance improvement of validators, we suggest all validators upgrade to the latest version.

  • #120 add health check endpoint
  • #116 validator only write database state when enough distance
  • #115 add batch query methods
  • #112 apply max commit tx time for miner worker to avoid empty block
  • #101 apply block number limit for the eth_getLogs api
  • #99 enable directbroadcast flag to decrease the block propagation time
  • #90 add tini in docker image
  • #84 add jq in docker image



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