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Since Binance Chain forum launched in 2019, we have made it our mission to create and distribute content and explores the role of blockchain technology. We have focused on providing users with the announcements they need to be aware of, developers with the technical content, and enterprises with the real-world case studies they need to inspire their own blockchain discovery and deployment since the beginning.

Today, we are announcing this new site: https://binance.org/en/blog. This new blog platform will be of great importance as people can easily follow the announcement of Binance chain ecosystem development, important updates from community, and ideas or opinions of builders and visionaries. At the same time, community.binance.org will remain a place for users to share their opinions, feedback, and issues.

What is our mission

In the crypto space, the content will be the onramp to the blockchain space. In the spirit of flexibility, security, and accountability, it’s time for us to improve our content.

  • We will prioritize clarity, but we will not minimize complexity when it’s due. We will write about Binance Chain and announce the latest updates.
  • We will call on technical experts and others across the ecosystem to write with depth and precision to minimize jargon and complicated terms.
  • We will continue our research on decentralized technology and research on how to explorer blockchain technologies in different areas.
  • We will contact opinion leaders to talk about the adoption of blockchain, not about “blockchain” as a monolithic, mystical machine.

We will write for audiences across the globe.

In the spirit of internationalizing the story of blockchain technology, we will soon publish case studies and other content in non-English languages, as well as localize our website for different regions around the world.

Guest Blogger Welcome

We are looking for people in the fields of blockchain to submit  their opinions, knowledge and general sharings.  The requirements are pretty basic at this early stage with a minimum of 500+ words of high-quality, unique content that has not been previously published elsewhere. An author's biography is allowed as well with links to your social media pages, with author's headshot if desired. Send an email here: blog{at}binance.org if you'd like to submit a guest blog post

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