Let’s Build The Future of DeFi

Accelerate the development of blockchain technology and empower emerging projects. This is Binance’s $100 million pledge to building the future of decentralized finance.

Start building on the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure and elevate your project to a completely new level with our funding and support.

Fast & Simple

Applying for DeFi Accelerator Fund is simple, straightforward, and takes less than 10 minutes. Briefly describe your project, fill in the required data, and you’re done.

7% Approval Rate

Our team carefully reviews and rates every application. We’re looking for user-focused projects with a unique and prospective proposal.

High Funding

Due to the lower approval rate, we’re able to provide higher funding to the selected projects. The current average funding for approved projects is $100,000

Dedicated Support

Our account managers will help you kickstart your growth, introduce you to the ever-growing DeFi community, and support all your needs.

Approved Fund Applicants

The Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain play a vital role in solving the scalability challenges around blockchain technology. With Binance as a partner, we can offer our clients the confidence they need to select and rely on a blockchain platform that can match all their needs.
BSC is built for performance. It’s compatible with EVM, so the Ethereum developers’ can easily migrate to improve their performance and decrease network fees. Binance helped us with marketing, funding, and development. You can list your token on the world’s biggest exchange, gaining direct access to retail investors.
ForTube wanted to find an infrastructure that would improve the user experience. BSC provided a rapid development environment and a robust range of digital assets, making it easy to launch our lending platform. The technical and strategic support was more than expected, as the BSC team worked with our tech team to ensure the transition was smooth and secure.
Migrating to BSC was a breakthrough point for Xend Finance. The EVM compatibility, PoSA consensus, and extremely low gas fees empower our team and the end-user, minimizing our operational expenses and workload while maximizing our users' profit. Migrating to BSC was easy as pie and took only a few days to complete.
As a fully decentralized cross-chain swap protocol, we struggled to find a suitable infrastructure for our platform. BSC meets our extensive list of requirements, and their financial and technical support truly empowered our team. Thanks to low fees and fast transactions, we can meet our users' expectations and provide them with a seamless DeFi experience.